Thursday, August 21, 2008

The New Trend in Tableware

It’s interesting to note how trends come and go around in circles. There was a time when people got so tired of steel tableware that they changed into glass, crystal and melamine. For many years steel tableware came to be associated with third world countries alone. In fact, people in urban areas even in Asia and Africa rapidly shifted from steel.

However now again the trends have reversed. Steel is back in vogue again. Thanks to the marketing efforts of some major steel corporations to increase household demand, a metal that had almost totally lost its sheen in tableware is now sought-after again. But there has indeed been a difference in the finishing. The steel tableware creating waves today is manufactured using state-of-the-art manufacturing and the look is very classy.

Besides the manufacturing, there is a lot happening on the design front as well. Steel tableware manufacturers have in-house designers that have brought cutting-edge design concepts and technologies on the table. As a result, the new range of steel tableware is a highly modernistic, stylish and convenient.

Speaking about design, one cannot avoid talking about the range in steel & glass. The trend that is seen especially in coffee-mugs includes glass mugs placed into specially designed steel brackets. This range of coffee mugs is especially popular in offices due to its executive and formal look. Besides the steel handles make it highly convenient to use.

From the market, it appears that steel tableware is here to stay. Going forward, one can expect even more stylish designs to appear in tableware creating a superior dining experience with steel industry.

About the Author: Jack Albert is a dedicated writer writes for U G Steel, which manufactures Steel flat bars and Steel square bars.

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