Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Steel–The Wonder Material

Not many people discuss about steel today. That’s something we take for granted. But just imagine what we would have done without something that touches our lives in so many ways. Right from the safety-pins that we use in our daily life to the engineering level steel used in the manufacture of airplanes, steel is a substance that we just cannot ignore.

Probably the biggest advantage of steel is that it offers higher levels of strength and power as compared to naturally occurring iron. No wonder that steel forms an essential element in huge civil engineering projects such as bridges and flyovers.

Unlike iron, steel does not rust. Therefore it can safely be used for crucial industry applications without the fear that it might corrode leading to loss of strength. Steel has a high level of resilience to water and can safely remain in its contact for long periods of time.

Depending upon the production process and the elements added, steel can be manufactured in different variants as per the desired application. For instance the household stainless steel that is used for utensils is primarily composed of iron, nickel and chromium.

Steel has the advantage that it does not loose its physical properties on recycling. Steel manufacturers lay a great emphasis on recycling as it is not only economically advantageous, but also helps protect the environment. Studies indicate that the energy saved by recycling reduces the annual energy consumption of the industry by about 75%, which is enough to power eighteen million homes for one year.

With applications ranging from roads, railways and buildings to stadiums and skyscrapers, steel has a significant effect on the economy the world over. This is the reason that when countries face abnormally high levels of inflation, steel manufacturers are often under pressure to reduce steel prices.

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